What is a E-mail Spam?
Spam is a flooding of e-mail on the internet and your mailbox. Often spam is the same message at a given time.  It is an attempt to coerce individuals into acting in a manner they would not otherwise do. Spam is attempting to get your sensitive information by threatening users that they with losing their privileges if they do not respond immediately.

Where does Spam come from?
E-mail spam lists are often created by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or search the Web for addresses. 

What is some of the common spam:
    a. Phishing scams
        1. Seen on campus almost everyday
        2. Requests user to enter Ball State username and password
        3. Dangerous form of e-mail fraud
    b. Get rich quick scams
    c. Online jobs
    d. Bank scams
    e. Healthcare scams
    f. Chain letters
    g. Solicitation of Illegal software
    e. Computer virus detected

What should I do when receiving spam?