What is a password?
A password is a string of characters used to allow you access to a resource. A password is necessary to authenticate access to a resource.  In these circumstances we are generally speaking of a computer password, but there are passwords on mobile devices, operating systems, ATMs, decoders and the list goes on.  A password should not be shared except to those that are allowed access to the same resource.

What is a good password?
A strong password includes letters, punctuation, symbols and numbers. It's good to change your passwords on often and do not use the same password for multiple resources. For example do not use the same password for your Ball State account as you do with your checking account. Using a passphrase helps you remember your password.

What to avoid as a password?
Do not use passwords that words, words spelled backwards, common misspellings and abbreviations. Do not use adjacent keys on your computer keyboard, sequences of repeated characters or numbers. Do not use any personal information about you and your family and friends. For example your birthday, your children's birthday, driver's license number, home address and phone number.