Going to college is a unique life experience.  Learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom.  You meet a lot of new, interesting, and different people.   These new relationships may challenge your interpersonal skills.

Developing respectful relationships is important.  The video Harassment/Respect Among Peers will help you to understand what a respectful relationship is but more importantly how to prevent and report harassing behavior from others.  Keep in mind the University does not tolerate abusive, bullying, harassing behavior by anyone.

Many students meet their future spouses in college.  For all of us, understanding what a healthy relationship is versus an abusive relationship is an important concept we need to master.  The video Healthy Relationships & Dating Violence will show you what those differences are to help you or to enable you to help friends who may be an unhealthy or abusive relationship.  The video Sexual Assault Prevention discusses what sexual consent is and how to protect yourself or friends from sexual assault.