Transferring to a new school presents challenges that often fall outside of traditional advising and support, which is why we offer services and resources just for you!

Ambassadors Program

As a transfer student, you can participate in the Student Success Ambassador Program where you will receive an upper-class ambassador who will help connect you with resources and support just for transfer students as you acclimate to Ball State.

Our ambassadors provide resources and support to you in a one-on-one setting. They also plan events to bring you together with other transfer students.

Transfer Student Association

Transfer Student Association

By the time you arrive at Ball State, you’ll already have a community of fellow transfer students waiting for you! Joining our Transfer Student Association will get you involved with a supportive group that will help with your transition. During meetings, you’ll participate in leadership and personal development activities, discover University resources, and find other ways to get the most out of your college experience. Learn more.

Academic Assistance

Our office offers assistance to transfer students who are experiencing academic difficulty. We will invite you to meet with us and discuss related issues and resources if you have midterm deficiency grades.

We use a coaching approach to support you, meeting with you one on one. During these meetings, we create a detailed action plan which outlines personal and academic strategies to ensure you achieve good academic standing.

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