Emergency assistance requires a completed application. Applications are available at the Office of Retention and Graduation. The application process also includes a short interview and sometimes a phone call to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Appointments are helpful but not required.

If the application is approved, the student may be asked to submit documentation of the emergency circumstances leading to the application. Required document includes a copy of the invoice, bill, or in the case of rent payments, the lease. The vendor's name, contact information, and the student's account number (if applicable) are required along with the vendor's federal employer ID in the university's vendor/accounts payable system (this typically requires completion of a W-9 prior to release of payment if the ID number is not already in the vendor system.

The student also will sign a repayment agreement and will be requested to provide a letter of appreciation to be e-mailed to our office. This letter is made out to the donors supporting one or more of the funds from which the assistance is allocated and is helpful to document proper stewardship of the funds and to encourage future donations.

Students approved for assistance should note:

  • A check will not be issued until vendor's federal employer ID number is received.
  • Disbursements are made on Friday afternoons if the application has been received and approved in time (generally by the prior Tuesday). An estimate of when the check will be cut and mailed may be discussed at the time of application.
  • Students approved for assistance from the Student Emergency Aid Fund may receive assistance up to $500 the first time and no more $500 over the course of enrollment.

Payment can be made at the Office of Student Financial Services located in Lucina Hall, room B31. To ensure your payment(s) apply to the emergency loan and not Bursar charges, it is important that students inform the cashier they are paying on their Student Affairs Emergency Loan Account. This payment cannot be made online. Additionally, the Bursar's Office will not accept credit card payments over the phone.

See Student Emergency Aid Fund for more information about eligibility, funding limitations, and loan terms.