RCR Training Program

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training is a program required by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in response to federal guidelines that ensures responsible and ethical conduct of research. RCR training is required for students and postdoctoral employees who receive support from the National Science Foundation. As the Foundation's website states, "the responsible and ethical conduct of research is critical for excellence, as well as public trust, in science and engineering". Other granting agencies, such as the National Institute of Health (NIH) may also require RCR training for students and postdoctoral employees receiving support. For more information, visit the NSF  Responsible Conduct of Research website

This training is an advanced face-to-face training that should be attended after completing the RCR CITI training online training modules. If you have not received your certificate, please sign up for the training at the CITI Website. For additional help with registering for CITI Training, please visit our CITI Training Webpage.

For guidelines and a step-by-step explanation of submitting your protocol in IRBNet, reference the IRBNet User Manual. This manual includes screenshots of every step of the process and can answer many basic IRBNet-related questions. Specific RCR training instructions are on page 11.

The face-to-face training consists of five sessions that are 50 minutes each

  • Session 1: Introduction and Research Misconduct
  • Session 2: Data Management - Collaboration
  • Session 3: Mentor-Mentee Relationships
  • Session 4: Ethical Conduct: Research with animals and humans
  • Session 5: Publication Practices

To request an RCR training, please fill out this form.