Mentorship Agreement and General Guidelines


It is best practice to complete a mentorship agreement to describe the roles, responsibilities, and goals of the mentor-mentee relationship for the research project. This contract will be referred to in the case of mentorship disagreement/dispute.

All BSU researchers are encouraged to utilize mentorship as a means of both professional development and responsible conduction of research. This web page serves as a general guideline for consideration of the important issues and questions surrounding mentorship. To download a printable version of the information below, click here.


  • Mentor:  an experienced and trusted advisor
  • Mentee: an individual who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor
  • Mentorship:  a relationship in which a person with experience and expertise in a field guides the learning of a person with less experience and expertise

Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentee:

  • Development of clear expectations of substantive learning/skills to be achieved
  • Maintenance of a mutually respectful mentorship
  • Identification of a focus for research
  • Developmentof a timeline to achieve educational and research goals
  • Dedication to honesty and the respect of all ethical standards
  • Pursuit of regular feedback to improve scientific work
  • Knowledge of policies, deadlines, and requirements of research in the university

Roles and Responsibilities of the Mentor:

  • Conduction of frequent team meetings with the mentee
  • Development of clear expectations of substantive learning/skills to be achieved by the mentee
  • Facilitation of the training and professional development of the mentee
  • Maintenance of a mutually respectful mentorship
  • Encouragement of a progressive level of independence and responsibility of the mentee in research
  • Promotion of all ethical standards for conducting research and engaging in scholarly endeavors
  • Provision of sufficient opportunities and resources to the mentee to increase level of expertise
  • Commitment of being a supportive colleague to the mentee
  • Provision of adequate guidance to the mentee
  • Commitment to giving appropriate credit to the mentee in any publications resulting from the project


· The University of California, San Francisco Faculty Mentoring Program Toolkit

· The U.S. Department of Heatlh & Human Services Office of Research Integrity - RCR Mentoring