ChemTracker is a software program that is designed to solve comprehensive chemical inventory management and reporting challenges. ChemTracker enables users to:

  • Add and upload chemical inventory information
  • Link inventory data to safety and regulatory information for easy access
  • Access safety information and link to MSDS's for specific chemicals
  • Search for specific inventory information using unique identifiers
  • Update, delete, and copy single or multiple inventory records
  • Manage demographic data such as chemical owners (Principal Investigators), users, and facility information
  • Provide room and inventory activity reports
  • Produce a variety of regulatory and safety reports, including:
    • Uniform fire/building code
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Mass quantity reports
    • Life Safety Box and/or room specific hazard reports

    ChemTracker is currently being implemented at Ball State University. The software will allow BSU researchers, labs, and building managers to track chemical hazard information for tracking, regulatory, and safety purposes. Knowing what hazards are where is critical for personal safety and in the event of an emergency will help first responders understand specific health and hazard information that they may encounter. ChemTracker will ease the federal, state, and local regulatory compliance requirements, while also identifying chemical surpluses available to others in the greater interest of cost savings and preventing waste. This section of the website will be updated as the implementation of the ChemTracker system progresses and will include departmental and laboratory guidance sections in the near future.

    Below are some resources available for students, faculty, and staff using ChemTracker.

    Sample Chemical Inventory Spreadsheet

    ChemTracker Spreadsheet

    ChemTracker Instructions

    ChemTracker Consortium: People

    ChemTracker Consortium: Chemicals

    If you have any questions regarding ChemTracker please contact the Office of Research Integrity.