There are several links on the left side of the IRBNet window that help you navigate IRBNet.

  • My Projects”  - lists all projects you have created, enter one by selecting it from list
  • Create New Project”  - allows you to create a New Project

The following links are seen only when you have entered a specific project:

  • Project Overview”  - summarizes the selected project, displays status, documents, allows you to submit the package for review, and share with other IRBNet users
  • Designer” - this page contains two steps.  Step 1 lists a document library.  Step 2 allows you to upload your documents.  This is called “Assemble your document package.”  This means you are putting your proposal together.
  • Share this Project” – allows you to share your project with other researchers
  • Sign this Package”  -  all packages must be signed before submission
  • Submit this Package”  - after signing, submit, and be sure to submit to the proper committee, there are four options for Ball State: IACUC, IBC, IRB, and ASPiRE, if you select the wrong committee, you will need to resubmit your entire package
  • Delete this Package”  - if you want to remove the package completely, this cannot be undone
  • Send Project Mail”  -  allows you to send an email between members of the project team
  • Project History” – lists the Project History of this project
  • Forms and Templates”  - the same documents as exist in the document library under the “Designer” page, Ball State has four drop downs,  ASPiRE, IACUC, IRB, and IBC