A well-written narrative (described in detail below) forms an important piece of any research proposal and is required for all protocols. We created this guide to provide helpful tips on preparing a narrative for those researchers working with human subjects. All protocol submissions must be submitted using the Human Subjects Research Application and Protocol Form, which combines the research application and narrative sections into one document. This form can be found on IRBNet in the Document Library.

Remember to be as complete as possible when filling in the narrative sections of the Human Subjects Research Application and Narrative Form. The information provided for each section should be complete and should not refer to another section of the protocol.

Your narrative should be written for a general audience so that anyone without a working knowledge of your field of research can understand what you are researching and how you plan to complete your research project.

Section 1- Purpose of the study

Section 2- Rationale

Section 3- References and citations

Section 4- Methods and procedures

Section 5- Other forms and documents