The Office of Research Integrity recommends submitting research proposals at least one month prior to the date when a researcher would like to begin the project. This allows plenty of time for any possible revisions and board discussion.

Please reference the following flow chart to familiarize yourself with the steps to take when submitting a project for IRB review:

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Please note that certain times of the year are very busy and we cannot ensure you will receive your pre-review feedback from the ORI in time for you to revise your project by the Friday deadline. Because of this, we highly recommend submitting your project prior to the Wednesday deadline.

There are three types of human subjects research proposals. The difference in these three types of review depends upon the amount of potential risk to research subjects. Only the Institutional Review Board can determine which kind of review your study requires:

Exempt Review   Expedited Review Full Board Review 
 If an initial review of your project results in an exempt decision, your study will be reviewed on a rolling basis.   Check the meeting dates and submission deadlines for expedited review for 2020-2021.    Check the meeting dates and submission deadlines for full board review for 2020-2021.

NOTE: The IRB is the only entity which can deem what the risk level of your project is. Because of this, you will not be certain whether your project will be exempt, expedited, or full review until you are notified by the board. The IRB may move a study to a different category than it was assigned initially, depending upon the IRB's  assessment and discussion.