COVID-19 UPDATE: click here for information on how to proceed once international travel is allowable.

International travel and collaborations are an excellent opportunity. Please complete the International Travel Form on the Risk Management website at least 40 days before you engage in any international travel and review the following questions.

International Travel Export Control Questions

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, please contact the Office of Research Integrity.   

  1)      While you are traveling abroad will you be working closely with foreign nationals from countries other than the country or countries that you are visiting? If yes, which countries are the foreign nationals from?         


2)      Will your trip involve the shipment or electronic transmission[1] of equipment, technology, software, materials, or data[2]? If yes, what will you be shipping or electronically transmitting to your collaborators abroad?       


3)      Will your trip involve traveling with equipment, technology, software, materials, or data? If yes, what will you travel with[3] and will it stay in your exclusive possession for the duration of the trip and return with you to the United States? If not, explain what you intend to share or give to your foreign collaborators. 


[1] “electronic transmission” includes methods like, but not limited to, e-mail, Skype, social media, Twitter, etc.  

[2] “data” generally includes, but not limited to, any information that is controlled/regulated by the US government, technical information/specifications about controlled technologies, intellectual property, research data that has restricted access, computer source codes, etc.   

[3] Please provide a general description that is not limited to the following examples: laptop with Microsoft Office, encryption software, or VPN technology; a tablet; a smart phone; data from a research project that has not been published.