This Education Gateway has supplementary materials and resources for working with IRB and the Office of Research Integrity. Browse through our handbooks or presentation handouts. You may also request a training session for a class.

Our Graduate Assistants provide office hours for one-on-one consultation regarding research proposals through our Peer Mentoring Program.


Research Integrity Survey Request Form

The Office of Research Integrity can no longer send out committee approved survey/recruitment information through the university's Communication Center.  Due to recent changes in regulations and guidance, our office may not distribute surveys on behalf of investigators.  By doing so could be viewed as the ORI being part of the research team and compromises our ability to impartially review research.
We recommend using a system like Qualtrics for managing the survey. To create an account and learn more about Qualtrics, please visit Ball State's Information Technology website.

In your Approved Message Text section, please be sure to indicate that your study has been reviewed and approved by the IRB. This allows people who receive your survey to know your research has been approved and is being conducted according to IRB guidelines  Please also include your IRBNet number somewhere in the message text (most people include it before or after their study title).

If you are would like your survey to be published through the communications center and you are a faculty member you will need to gain access to publishing surveys in the Comm Center.
If you are a graduate student, you will need to request that the faculty member that is your advisor to send out the survey on your behalf.
If you have any questions regarding your survey and or the IRB process, please contact
If you have questions regarding distribution of your survey please contact: