IACUC Contact: Jim Klenner, Associate Director

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at Ball State University reviews all projects using animals in research to ensure research is conducted in accordance with Ball State University policy and with applicable provisions of federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

IACUC Review

There are three types of review for IACUC research submissions:

  • Administrative Review for minor amendments and Continuing Reviews.
  • Full Committee Review for major amendments, New Protocols, and de novo Reviews.
  • Designated Member Review for submitted revisions post Full Committee Review.

New protocols and three year de novo reviews are usually assigned to Full Committee Review, but can infrequently be assigned for Designated Member Review. Based on the nature of changes requested in an amendment, minor changes such as adding personnel, can be Administratively Reviewed and approved. The IACUC Administrator completes a pre-review and determines which initial review is necessary for your research proposal.

Assuming all submissions require a Full Committee Review, we recommend researchers submit their protocols to the IACUC, using IRBNet, at least two weeks before the next IACUC meeting in order to be reviewed at that meeting. The IACUC currently meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Where to Find Project Documents

Updated PDF versions of the IACUC project documents are now available on IRBnet. Research projects intended for IACUC review should use these documents as part of their project submission.

The new forms are incompatible with Google Chrome, and should be opened using Firefox or Internet Explorer. Additionally, Mac Users should use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, rather than Form Finder, to open the application.

Training Requirement

All researchers (current and newly submitting) must complete CITI training prior to submitting a protocol with IRBNet.

How to Prepare a Proposal

Before submitting your proposal to Ball State University's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, please make sure you complete the following steps:

  1. Complete CITI Training.
  2. Register on IRBNet.
  3. Review submission deadlines for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, located on this webpage.
  4. Complete the appropriate IACUC form. As of Wednesday, January 6, 2016 new forms are being used and can be found on IRBNet. Please delete any old applications that are saved on your computer and download the new form from IRBNet. Be sure to check our Animal Research Resources below.
  5. Upload your project to IRBNet.
  6. Share your project with your advisor and team members (if applicable).
  7. The Principal Investigator and Faculty Advisor (if PI is student) must electronically sign off on the project.

IACUC protocols will be reviewed at convened meetings. Your protocol must be submitted through IRBNet the month BEFORE (by the submission deadline) in order to be reviewed on the associated meeting date.
If you have a time issue related to an impending grant proposal, please contact Sandra Currie, Research Integrity Administrative Coordinator, for assistance as soon as you are aware of the issue.

Dates will be posted to this webpage as they become available.