Currently enrolled students are expected to register in the semester preceding the semester for which they are registering.  Once course registration opens, the course add/drop (also known as change of course) continues through defined calendar dates found on the Registrar calendar of events. Students have through the add/drop (change of course) period to adjust their schedule.  Add/drop (change of course) ends for a course running the full term (Fall or Spring) the sixth day (typically a Sunday) after the term begins. Summer full term course add/drop ends the Friday of the first week of the term.  Part of term add/drop for courses taught in a shortened number of calendar days will have adjusted and shortened time frames for course add/drop.  Once the part of term begins, courses offered in 8-week part of term will end the add/drop period on the fourth day.  Once a 5-week part of term course begins the add/drop ends the third day.  

You can register for classes at my.bsu. You can also check your grades, check your schedule, or review your academic records.

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For assistance with registering, please review the student registration instructions (PDF).


Occasionally, you might need to request an exception to a course limit, a major restriction, or other limitations put on a course by the academic department. The permission process is a means for you to learn if you are eligible to enroll in the class outside the university guidelines.

At the discretion of the individual academic departmental guidelines, permission for enrollment may be granted in electronic format by the academic department offering the course.

Permissions are primarily used during the open registration or add/drop time frames.

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Registration Barriers

Registration holds may exist on a student record. The most common reason for a registration hold occurs when a newly admitted transfer student has not yet met with an academic advisor to review eligibility into course scheduling.

Once the student meets with the advisor, the advisor must release the barrier so the student can use web services to register for appropriate classes.