Sci-Quest Vendor Change

To all SciQuest users, On January 1, 2021, Ball State began a new office supply contract with Guy Brown.  Guy Brown is a minority-owned office supply company that utilizes inventory and distribution technology from Staples Contract and Commercial, Inc. During the evaluation of the contract, a market basket analysis of commonly used office supply products at Ball State University was conducted comparing the current office supply contract pricing with the pricing from Guy Brown, revealing savings on commonly used items by the campus community.

Accessing the new Guy Brown site can be done in SciQuest using the same process as the current Office Supply vendor.  While the Guy Brown site will look and function similarly to the previous office supply site, users will experience some minor changes in the functionality of their office supply orders. 

Individual training is also available by contacting Purchasing Services. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Purchasing Services at 285-1532 or email us at


Sci-Quest  E-Procurement

Sci-Quest is an online catalog and ordering system. Users can utilize showcased suppliers or utilize non-catalog items that need to be purchased. Sci-Quest also allows users to complete a form for specific purposes such as requesting equipment, a new supplier, move requests and even a courier request.

SciQuest Access Request Procedures

Please note that if you need access to perform the duties outlined in the above procedures, complete a request through the HelpDesk website:

  • go to
  • go to ‘Request Services’
  • go to ‘Security Access’
  • go to ‘SciQuest-Security Access’
  • complete form; select role that is needed.
  • Click “Submit”

Policies and Procedures


The purchase requisition process is a procedural method by which departments may request the purchase of goods and/or services which require processing by the Purchasing Office, usually because of the dollar value, the nature of the purchase or the type of goods and services. 

Purchase Order

A purchase order (PO) is an offer to purchase by the University, and acceptance is a legal commitment by the vendor to supply the University with goods and services. A regular purchase order is generally used for a one time purchase of known goods and/or services.

Standing Order

The purpose of a standing order is to provide a procurement method for repetitively purchased, lower dollar value goods and services during a specific period (typically the University's fiscal year).

Change Order

A change order is an amendment to an existing Purchase Order. The vendor or the University may initiate an amendment or cancellation of a Purchase Order requiring a Change Order. A Change order is necessary to make any type of change to the original Purchase Order such as: price, quantity, additional items, etc.

Emergency Purchases

A crises or emergency is defined as any unplanned event that significantly threatens the health and safety of multiple members of the Ball State community; causes operational disruption, or physical or environmental damage, and harm to the university's public standing. Emergency purchases may only occur when the usual purchasing procedures cannot be followed due to a disruption in the ability to conduct business in the normal manner. Poor planning does not constitute an emergency or crisis situation.

Non PO Payment Request

A Non PO Payment is for a direct pay or after the fact that should only be used for payment when the vendor does not accept a purchase order or specific direct pay scenarios that are found in our policy.

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