The Task Force on Recovery and the University’s Strategic Transition (TRUST) was formed to strategically guide and coordinate the University's successful and sustainable operating environment in light of COVID-19.

TRUST includes specialized TRUST Task Teams. One of the TRUST Task Teams is focused on procurement. Additionally Purchasing Services is coordinating the procurement of items and working with Environmental Health and Safety to assess the appropriateness of items.

Items that are normally supplied by the department, must continue to be paid for by the department. Some items that are determined by Environmental Health and Safety and Purchasing Services to be required purely as a result of COVID-19 shall be paid for centrally based on available funding and inventory.

Primarily, face masks and common area hand sanitizer dispensers and disinfectant will be paid for centrally. Other than for classrooms, plastic shields and barriers, as well as additional office cleaning and disinfectant supplies, will need to be paid from departmental budgets.

Normal custodian cleaning schedules shall be maintained, while heightened custodian cleaning schedules will be implemented for high touch public surfaces.

Additional cleaning and disinfectant supplies requested by departments must be paid for by the department.

Ball State University has ordered 50,000 reusable cloth face masksand will be providing two to each employee in mid-July.

At this time, Purchasing Services has a limited inventory of disposable surgical face masks for the entire university, to be distributed based on availability and a determination of need.

The need for N-95 face masks and/or face shields will be determined by Environmental Health and Safety in partnership with direct supervisors.

Any requests for items not covered centrally, will be the responsibility of the department or individual employee.

COVID-19 response supplies, like face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, remain in high demand. Therefore, we must all share in the responsibility to only utilize what we need to ensure that there will be enough supplies for our entire community.

Purchasing Services and Environmental Health and Safety will determine the appropriate amount of COVID-19 items permitted per department. This will be determined based upon availability and prioritizing areas with the most amount of traffic (such as classrooms, entryways, etc).

COVID-19 response supplies, like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, remain in high demand resulting in supply shortages.

Additional foaming hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed in common and high traffic areas.

Please consult with Purchasing Services regarding the need for additional items. You may need to use departmental budget funds for these purchases.

Please do not order COVID-19 supplies directly. Purchasing Services is working with Environmental Health and Safety to confirm all COVID-19 supplies/ingredients are approved by the FDA, CDC and/or OSHA as effective in eliminating COVID-19.

Purchasing Services is also ordering in bulk to ensure the lowest price available. Therefore, please work with Purchasing Services for all COVID-19 supplies.

Please reach out directly to either:

Please reach out directly to either: