All Purchase Orders are governed by the Ball State University Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Forms can be found at the link provided and faxed to: (765) 285-5505. All current Public Works projects are listed at the link (below) and can viewed and bid upon within the dates given in the "Notice to Bidder" document. Bid Document Forms (Bid Docs) can be submitted via fax or by email ( When requesting documentation related to current projects; documents are provided electronically via the provided download link. All online documents require Adobe Reader. 

Ball State University Bid Policy

  • For orders under $1,000 generated by individual Ball State University departments, no bids are required.
  • For departmental Purchase Orders ranging from $1,000 to $14,999, competitive bids may be issued.
  • For competitive bids greater than $15,000, competitive bids are required (with the exception of a sole source justification).
  • All bids will include a minimum of two MWBE/V vendors when feasible.

Types of Bids

Public Works

  • Construction Projects over $25,000
  • Advertised Construction Projects over $150,000

Bid by Invitation

  • Formal Bid (generally no negotiation and best/lowest bid wins)
  • RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • RFS (Request for Services)
  • RFQ (Request for Quote)
  • For assistance in getting registered to bid, contact Purchasing Services at: (765) 285-1532

Responding to a Formal Bid

  • Always complete the electronic bid document in its entirety (you can always attach additional information to your bid) 
  • Provide references from other large companies or universities if this is your first time bidding with Ball State University.
  • If responding to an RFP, RFS, or an RFQ, be sure to answer all requests outlined in the document. 
  • Bids received after the closing date cannot be considered.
  • Consider the size and scope of the job to ensure it fits your business plan and you are capable of meeting the requirements.

Public Works

Publicworks State Guidelines

Current Publicworks Projects

Minority, Veteran and Women Business Owners

The Purchasing Services Office supports the university's commitment to the promotion of diversity, with the vendors who supply goods and services to the university, by focusing on securing business contracts with firms identified as Minority, Veteran and Women-owned businesses.

For more information on becoming a certified Minority, Woman, or Veteran owned business in the State of Indiana, please click here


Trademarks and Licensing

Ball State University trademarks are any marks, letters, nicknames, or words associated with Ball State University. These trademarks are used to identify the University, its athletic programs, documents, publications, and products. Any producer of products bearing any Ball State University marks must have a license before offering those goods for sale. For more information on Trade Marks and Licensing, please visit here.


Additional Resources

Ball State Purchasing Policies and Procedures