Lobby Space:
If you are solely using the Pruis Hall lobby, the load capacity may not exceed 150 persons. The lobby has a total dimension of 3,051 square feet.

Stage Dimensions:  
The stage dimensions are as follows:
        53' wide (front half of stage), 40' (back half of stage), 30' deep (back wall to lip of stage) totally 1,420 square feet.

Seating Capacity of Hall:
Total seating capacity is 640 and the square feet totals 6,512.  There is additional wheelchair seating in front of the permanent seating. 

Dressing Rooms/Hospitality:
There is a small hospitality area located just offstage, as well as a modest dressing room and private restroom facility. Should you require additional dressing rooms or hospitality areas, arrangements may be made with neighboring facilities.

Smoking Policy:
Ball State University is a non-smoking campus. Designated smoking areas are located throughout campus.

Food/Drink Policy:
Organizations may provide their own refreshments to performers/participants of the event. If refreshments are offered to audience/patrons of the event, organizations must go through Ball State University Catering (285-3500).

Restrooms are located off the main lobby.

The following equipment and event supplies are available to use at no charge:
          7 - 6' tables
          6- 8' tables
          1 - 3' table
          1 - 2' table
         10 - cocktail tables *please call for availability
          4 - white 6' tablecloths
          3 - maroon 8' tablecloths
          4 - maroon table skirts
          silk plants
          pipe and drape