As a professor at Ball State, there are several policies you should be knowledgeable about. One of those policies includes the pecuniary interest policy. The pecuniary policy gives disclosure to you if you have an interest in a contract or purchase through Ball State that will increase your income or net worth.

Other policies to be familiar with are the conflict of interest  and confidentiality policies (PDF). The conflict of interest policy provides guidance for recognizing and dealing with conflicts of interest. Colleges, departments, and other administrative units adopt additional polices and procedures dealing with the matter as well. The department in which you are employed should have a copy of the policy on file.

The confidentiality policy simply states and you will be responsible with all data you have access to. It also explains the tools that you should not use to disclose confidential information.

All other policies can be found in the handbook. However others you should be familiar with include:

Policy for the evaluation of teaching

Graduate faculty policy

Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research

Policy on grades

Policy on Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships

Equal opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy