Our office has a variety of responsibilities related to Ball State’s campus, but two important tasks are supporting and promoting the university’s strategic plan - a guide for the present and future of Ball State - and compiling the university handbook.

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Kecia McBride leads the efforts to make sure the University Core Curriculum is always in line with our goals and goals set by the state of Indiana.

Our office is also committed to supporting Immersive Learning experiences, in which students led by a faculty mentor solve real-world problems for business and community partners. Leading an immersive learning experience can enhance your teaching abilities, allow you to delve into your passion, and provide a more hands-on, interactive approach to education.

Learn more about leading an immersive learning experience and opportunities for funding.  

Several entities report directly to this office including the Honors CollegeSchool of Extended Education, Sponsored Projects Administration, Rinker Center for Global Affairs, and Center for Medical Education. In addition, the provost oversees the seven academic colleges; is responsible for faculty, curriculum, and assessment of teaching and scholarship; and leads Ball State's Innovation Corporation Technology Transfer initiative.