Geoffrey S. Mearns
Spring 2018 Commencement Remarks
Saturday, May 5, 2018, 10 a.m.
Fine Arts Terrace

'Character matters'

“Always remember that professional success and personal satisfaction require more than knowledge and talent. To lead a meaningful life, you must embody certain core values, such as the enduring values articulated in the Beneficence Pledge. Be sincere, and speak the truth. Model integrity – and value integrity in others. Character matters. And so does heart.”

'We believe in you'

“Never forget the dream that brings you here today. Pursue that dream with passion and with courage. And pursue it with great optimism. We believe in a better future. We believe in a world that is more peaceful and more just. We believe in that bright future, because we believe in you.”

'Talent and potential'

"Finally, on a personal note, I want to share that I am grateful that your final year with us has included a special moment for our University: the launch of a more visible and more vocal campaign to tell the world about Ball State University. Your stories—and the stories of more than 180,000 graduates—were among those we have shared during this ongoing campaign.

Last November, as part of this effort, we held an event in Sursa Hall where we invited a group of your peers—our senior cabaret class—to perform a song that they wrote—a song that captures the passion and pride of our University.

These talented students are representative of the talent—and the great potential—that permeates this graduating class. Talent and potential that spreads across this lawn and as far as my eyes can see. I hope that all of you share my passion and my pride in our exceptional University.

To each of you, good luck. And god speed."