Geoffrey S. Mearns
Fall 2019 Commencement Remarks
Saturday, December 14, 2019, 10 a.m.
Worthen Arena

‘A fulfilling career and a meaningful life’

As you leave our campus, and as you begin making your first major life choices as young graduates, I hope that you will reflect on the aspirations articulated in our University’s mission statement: we believe that we have prepared you for a fulfilling career, and we hope that we have inspired you to lead a meaningful life.

‘The definition of success’

Professional success and career fulfillment are not the same. People generally equate success with financial rewards, with impressive titles, and with notoriety or fame. Those are external indicators of success, and I fear that you may very well find that they are temporary and hollow.

‘Seek fulfillment’

So, I encourage you to seek fulfillment. Set professional goals that will make you and your families and your friends proud of your professional contributions—because your contributions have improved the lives of other people. That impact is enduring.