Physical Tactics Training

Police officers are often in situations where physical conflict, aggression, resistance, and even life-threatening assault can occur. Officers are generally not afforded the opportunity of simply walking away. In deed, officers are required and sworn to protect the public and themselves against such violence. When it occurs, officers need to be ready, willing, and able to meet that violence with control and restraint in the effort of providing public safety to the citizens they serve.
At the Ball State University Police Department, we pride ourselves as officers that are well-trained and experienced in the area of use of force. Officers are trained to never use force in a punitive nature and to always use force as a last resort and only that which is reasonable to control the given situation. Officers are trained in topics such as:

Use of force policy
Use of force case law and statutes
Threat Control Matrix
Use of physical force
Use of less lethal force (baton, pepper spray, taser, pepperball)
Use of firearms
Subject control principles and techniques
Edged weapons fighting and defense
Ground fighting techniques

The Ball State University Police Department is proud to have use of force and physical tactics instructors on staff that are certified through the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. These instructors not only provide in-service training to the members of the department, but also to University students, faculty and staff with classroom lectures and self-defense courses, as well as to officers from around the state as guest instructors at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. They have instructed officers from and in other states as well. The department’s use of force and physical tactics instructors are:

Lt. David Bell
Lt. John Foster
Lt. Matt Gaither
Sgt. Craig Hodson