It is mandatory that all personnel who carry firearms, as a duty requirement, attend all firearms training and qualification sessions offered by the department.

A minimum of two range qualifications will be required annually for all personnel that carry firearms as a duty requirement. These courses may include accuracy-based courses such as the P.P.C. course or combat style courses. It will be the objective of the qualifications program for each officer to attain a score equivalent to 80 percent of the maximum possible score during the P.P.C. courses and a rating of “Pass” during the combat courses.

The agency and its firearms instructors will make every effort to assist officers in attaining qualifying/passing scores. Officers not attaining passing scores will be given remedial training on the spot to correct the deficiency as time may permit. Other remedial measures may include repeated attempts under the guidance of one or more other (different) firearms instructors, or rescheduled qualification.