Students and Employees

Students or employees who do not have a current parking permit and are cited for No Valid Permit will have their ticket cleared if they purchase and display a current permit within five business days. Find out about the permits available to students and employees


Parking Services will no longer clear No Valid Permit tickets. Visitors who are cited for No Valid Permit may have their fine reduced to $5.  In order to have the fine reduced, the ticket must be responded to within five business days.  Tickets can be responded to in person at the Office of Parking Services during business hours or by mail.  Do not put ticket responses in the drop box.  Tickets responded to in the drop box will not be cleared. 

      • In Person - Visitors responding in person must bring in their ticket, driver's license, and $5 payment.  We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. 
      • By Mail - Visitors responding by mail must include the ticket, a note containing their name and address, and $5 payment.  Please send check or money order only.  Responses must be postmarked within five business days of ticket issuance.