You may now appeal your ticket online.  You must file your appeal within ten business days of the ticket's issue date.  The ticket must be paid in order to file an appeal.  A refund will be issued if your appeal is granted. 

The committee’s decision is based on your explanation. Diagrams, pictures, and repair receipts are helpful when applicable and may be attached to your appeal.  There must be “substantial and valid evidence” that the parking violation was not committed, or it occurred due to circumstances beyond your control. 

The following are reasons that are NOT grounds for appeal:

      • Failure to enter the correct space number when using the metered parking in the garages
      • Parking only for a short period
      • Failure to display parking permit
      • Not seeing the signs
      • Absence of a parking space
      • Forgetfulness or a lost parking ticket

 The appeal committee’s decision is final and binding.