Departmental permits are available to Ball State University departments. The number of permits assigned to each department is based on the number of personnel in the department.

These permits are to be used for short-term parking, errands, and deliveries away from your normal work area. They are NOT to be used for parking outside your building. Departmental permits are not intended for long-term parking needs, nor are they to be issued to specific persons; they are to be shared by the entire office.

Departmental permits may be used by faculty, staff, and students employed by the department. The person using the departmental permit must display their current faculty/staff or student permit. The departmental permit should be displayed on the front windshield just above the window sticker.

Departmental Permits Allow Parking In:

      • Regular spaces in yellow faculty/staff lots and green surface commuter lots
      • Metered spaces without having to pay the meter

Departmental Permits DO NOT Allow Parking In:

      • Red restricted or blue housing lots
      • Disabled Driver Spaces or Special 97 Spaces
      • Any Restricted Area
      • Fire Lanes, Driveways, "No Parking" Areas
      • Service Vehicle Spaces
      • Loading Docks Past the 20 Minute Time Limit

Users or departments found misusing the permit will be subject to a progressive disciplinary process. The first violation will be a warning, the second violation will be a department fine and an Improper Registration citation to the user, and the third violation will be revocation of the privilege of having a departmental permit as well as possible revocation of the user’s parking privileges.

Departmental permits may be requested by the Dean, Director, or Chair of the department. For more information on requesting a departmental permit, call 765-285-1208.