The Decolonize the Syllabus Community of Practice at Ball State with the Student Anti-Racism and Intersectionality Advisory Council crafted the following Land Acknowledgment Statement:

We acknowledge and honor the numerous and vibrant Indigenous communities with homelands in what is now the State of Indiana, particularly the Myaamiaki (Miami) and Lenape (Delaware) peoples. Colonization has inflicted harm, and continues to impact the Indigenous inhabitants of these lands. For a land acknowledgment statement to be meaningful, it must be coupled with action. We are dedicated to amplifying Indigenous voices and perspectives, establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships, engaging and presenting a full narrative of our histories, and making the Ball State campus a more supportive and inclusive place for Native and Indigenous students, faculty, and staff. We urge everyone to engage with contemporary communities, to learn the complex histories of this land, to look at who has and does not have access to its resources, and to examine your own obligations within this reparative work. Acknowledging the impact of colonization on Indigenous communities and an institutional commitment to support decolonial work is key to realizing Ball State’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence.