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Accessed via under the Additional Tools header with your Ball State username and password.

now

Ball State has recently adopted Tk20 a software solution by Watermark. This state-of-the-art software can be used in a variety of ways for higher education learning and assessment.

For this phase of the all-campus roll-out, it is specifically being used for juried assessments of accreditation artifacts. The software will make it simple for instructors like you to easily and anonymously submit student artifacts that meet outcomes and standards. These artifacts will then be evaluated, just as they always have, against a standard rubric to demonstrate our institution’s ability to meet course and program-level outcomes.

The instructor, and his or her comments and grading to the student, are completely anonymous to the evaluator. However, the student artifact will still be part of the course work in the instructor view and report back to the grade center. Simply put, the student submits once, the instructor evaluates the artifact in Tk20, and the grades are placed directly into Canvas grades. Later, the jury assesses the artifact – now completely detached from any student or instructor information. 

If students place their personal information or the instructor’s information in the document itself, it will not be redacted, as nothing will be removed from the artifact. There is no reason to put any personal identifiers into artifacts, as Tk20 will organize and connect them to student accounts.

If you are teaching a Tier 2 or Tier 3 course and aligning to a standard, please contact Online and Strategic Learning.