Eva Grouling Snider

Eva Grouling Snider

Instructional Consultant


Room:TC 403

About Eva Grouling Snider

Eva joined the Division of Online and Strategic Learning in 2021. Previously, she taught professional writing courses in the English Department, including graphic design and web development. She launched Jacket Copy Creative (now known as Compass Creative), an immersive learning course in which students helped market the English Department (and now the entire College of Sciences and Humanities). She also served as a director of advertising at a social media advertising agency in Muncie. Her interests include UDL, digital accessibility, and design. She’s often busy “hacking” Canvas to do cool things.

Professional Experience

  • Instructional Consultant (2021 – Present). Division of Online and Strategic Learning, Ball State University
  • Director of Advertising (2017 – 2021). Russell Media
  • Instructor (2012 – 2017). Ball State University & Arizona State University (Online)


Completed coursework in PhD in Rhetoric and Writing, 2011

Virginia Tech

Master of Arts (MA) in English, 2009

University of Maine

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, 2006

Queens University

Publications and Presentations

  • Grouling Snider, E., Grouling, J. Hedge, S. & Schweigert, A. (2014). "Questing through class: gamification in the professional writing classroom." In J. DeWinter & R. Moeller (Eds.), Computer Games and Technical Communication (pp. 265-282). Ashgate Publishing. https://doi.org/10.4324/9781315573243
  • Grouling Snider, E., Lockridge, T. & Lawson, D. (2012). "Challenging the rules and roles of gaming: Griefing as rhetorical tactic." In G. Voorhees, J. Call & K. Whitlock (Eds.), Guns, Grenades, and Grunts: First Person Shooter Games. Vol. 2: Approaches to Digital Game Studies Series (pp. 277–298). Continuum. http://dx.doi.org/10.5040/9781628927948.ch-012
  • Grouling Snider, E. (2012). " Self-representation and student identity: A case study of international student users of Sakai." International Journal of ePortfolio, 2(1), pp. 99-111.

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