Get the information you need regarding managing online courses including creating a course, getting special permission for a student to take an online course, seat reservations, textbook information, and more.    

If you or your department is interested in having online or off-campus classes built or updated, contact Tiffany Flowers.

If your department is giving a student special permission to overfill an online class, this request must be submitted via email to Tiffany Flowers. Once the request is received, our office will work with the student to register for the course.

NOTE: Permission must come from the department administrative coordinator and/or chair. We do not accept the instructor’s permission.

We reserve some online seats in fall and spring courses to provide guaranteed placements for students pursuing online majors who have no other choice in class offerings. We do not typically reserve seats for summer courses, unless departments request special circumstances.

Reserve seats are open to main campus students two weeks prior to the start of the term in fall and the Monday of finals week in December for spring. To learn more, contact Tiffany Flowers.

Online and Strategic Learning no longer handles textbook orders. Faculty are now able to research and adopt course materials through FacultyEnlight.

View the FacultyEnlight Guide.

For additional questions concerning FacultyEnlight, visit the Ball State University Official Bookstore.