Judy Wolf

Judy Wolf

Communications Specialist


Room:WQ 304


Southerners are born into a storytelling culture, and Judy lucked into that-and having parents who were naturals at telling tales. There's the one about her mom saying "no" to Elvis, her parents saying "no" to investing in a Memphis builder's idea for a lodging chain … She takes those gifts, adds a love of words and people, and stirs in a finely honed sense of humor to write stories about Ball State, its people and communities.

As an editor, Judy has mentored collegiate and professional writers, and her ability to play well with others informs how she works to help make their stories clear, compelling, and complete. Of course, chocolate's value as a negotiating tool isn't lost on her.

In her previous life, Judy was an award-winning editor and a reporter at four daily newspapers, where she wrote editorials, covered an overnight SWAT situation, and was the content editor for two national award-winning investigative series.

After work, Judy sings with The Indianapolis Women’s Chorus, loves board game nights with friends, does freelance book and magazine editing, and dotes on her dog(s). Currently, that’s Bella the mazik (Yiddish for beloved mischief-maker).


Bachelor’s in English and speech, theater minor
Indiana University

Judy Wolf

question iconDon't say anything about someone you wouldn't say to them. (Yes, she knows it's grammatically incorrect, but she made it up and likes it.)