Dan Morency
Dan Morency
University Web and Digital Marketing Strategist


Room:WQ 431


In the division of Marketing and Communications at Ball State, Daniel was hired on as a Digital Marketing and Communications Strategist. He is responsible for working with various colleges and departments across campus to manage and upgrade their websites. Daniel focuses his redesign efforts on UX/UI design, content architecture, SEO, and visual design. Working on the website at Ball State is a dream come true for Daniel. He joined in May of 2022 after leaving his role as the Director of Marketing for a residential construction company, shortening his commute from almost 2 hours each way to just a few minutes. Prior to that Daniel was part of the founding team of an energy drink startup where he managed the brand, website, finances, identity, sponsorships and many other responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of startup founders. He attended Indiana Wesleyan University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a degree in Marketing. Directly out of college he was hired to manage the paid advertising efforts of Ray Skillman Auto Group. Daniel is thrilled to have landed at Ball State, where he hopes to retire one day far in the future.


Outside of work, Daniel is committed to serving in a local church (Oaks Church) where he plays bass and electric guitar on the worship team and helps out in the kids church program. He is also an avid disc golfer and is a part of the Muncie Area Disc Golf Club that plays twice a week during the warmer months. His average score this year at Carl Scott Disc Golf Course is a +2 over par. He is an ENFP personality or as he calls it "Extroverted 'N Fun Person" according to the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

Projects at Ball State