Dear Members of the Ball State University Community:

As faculty, staff, and students at Ball State University, it is our clear commitment to abide by standards and codes of conduct and ethics that make us exceptional and distinctive.  We understand that along with the privilege of membership within this community of scholars comes the duty of upholding our community standards with best practices. Therefore, all members of the university community are expected to: (1) comply with federal and state laws and regulations as well as university policies, and (2) report to the university any violations of such laws, regulations, policies, and other university-related misconduct. 

To further assist the Ball State University community in maintaining our commitment to community standards, we have partnered with EthicsPoint to create a whistleblower/reporting hotline to address issues that may extend beyond our internal policies and procedures. EthicsPoint will enable community members to anonymously and confidentially report potential issues in good faith for further review. 

In order to meet the demands of our continuously changing higher education environment, it is our intent to provide this additional reporting pathway within our community in order to safeguard our community from unanticipated issues that may emerge outside of our current structures and to utilize such information for the protection of our community and the improvement of our operations. 

Each one of us plays a daily role in regularly abiding by and promoting community best practices and standards for the healthy growth and development of our university. Thank you for your commitment to excellence at Ball State University. 

With best regards,     

Geoffrey S. Mearns