1. No reservations are required.Testing labs operate on a walk-in basis.Students must arrive between posted operation hours of a testing lab.Students must check-in as they enter the lab and check-out when they leave. Failure to do so will be reported to the course faculty via e-mail.

  2. Students must present one of the following forms of identification to be seated in a testing lab:

    • His/her BSU picture ID
    • His/her BSU ID number and a government-issued picture ID including a Driver’s License, State ID, Miltary ID or passport

      The ID will be returned when student checks out of the lab.  To protect the academic integrity within the testing labs, students will not be seated in the testing lab unless they are able to provide an approved ID at the time of testing – NO EXCEPTIONS!

  3. Students may not leave the lab under any circumstances during an exam, including going to the restroom.If this occurs, the incident will be reported to the course faculty via email.

  4. No materials are allowed at testing stations.Place all personal items in the designated locations within the testing lab.Please note that UTS is not responsible for personal items.

    • Chairs with storage underneath are provided in the Robert Bell (RB 134) testing lab
    • Non-lockable cubbies are available at the Student Center testing lab for your convenience.You may also place items under the table in the lab.
    • Items should be placed under the table in all other testing locations.

  5. Scrap paper is available upon request and must be returned to the desk monitor when leaving the lab.Not turning in scrap paper before leaving the lab will be reported to course faculty via e-mail.

  6. Use of unauthorized materials are prohibited in all the testing labs and will be reported to course faculty via e-mail.Examples of unauthorized materials are shown below; however, there may be additional items not listed.The ONLY item that is considered authorized is scrap paper that has been issued by testing lab personnel.

    • Notes or paper on the desk, other than lab-provided scrap paper
    • Books, textbooks, workbooks, study guides, or any type of study materials
    • Having a cell phone visible, using a cell phone or a ringing cell phone
    • Calculators, translators, laptops, tablets or smart watches
    • Wearing earbuds or headphones that are not connected to a lab computer.Earbuds and headphones are only acceptable if being used to actually take a test.

      Lab monitors will NOT confront students who are using these or any other materials.   They will submit a report detailing what they witnessed.

  7. Exam preparation and studying should not take place within a testing facility.Please make sure you are ready to enter your exam once you have been seated.

  8. Our lab facility utilizes the Respondus Lockdown Browser in order to maintain an environment whereby the test taker is only able to access their test.If the exam is set up correctly and the test taker chooses the correct browser, they will be unable to view any other web pages while they are taking their exam.Test takers who are viewing non-test pages or who are using non-Respondus Lockdown Browsers may be reported.

  9. Talking, other than with lab monitors, is prohibited.

  10. Children are not allowed in test facility.

  11. Disruptive behavior of any kind is prohibited.

  12. Patrons of the testing lab must immediately follow any written or oral instructions from any lab personnel.

  13. Faculty will be informed of changes/updates to the testing lab policies through various means including, but not limited to, web pages and mass emails.

  14. Only you can take your exam.Log-in credentials are monitored in the testing labs.Please be aware that sharing your Ball State password, with anyone, is a violation of IT Security policy.

Revised – April, 2019