What is WebEx?

WebEx is a tool that allows online meetings and collaboration from virtually any device. Faculty and Staff hosts can schedule and start meetings with up to 200 attendees while Student hosts can have up to eight attendees. Attendees to meetings hosted by Faculty and Staff can dial-in via a standard telephone for an audio only connection. All users via a PC, Mac, or Smartphone can join for a complete audio, video, and collaboration experience. If you need a quick impromptu video-conference, WebEx can do that. If you need to review documents with a few people or discuss a spreadsheet, WebEx can do that too. It’s no longer a requirement for Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and Students to trek across campus to collaborate, WebEx can do that for you.

For more information review the Getting Started section of the WebEx Knowledge Base or contact unifiedcommunications@bsu.edu.


Ball State WebEx Site


WebEx Common Uses:

  • Collaborate on group projects with fellow students
  • Host a meeting where attendees who are spread across campus or even the world can collaborate on documents
  • Provide Training to a group of attendees
  • Conduct an ad-hoc multi-party video conference
  • Create a personal Telephone Meeting Room (Faculty/Staff site only)
  • Teach a seminar from any location at anytime
  • Establish virtual-office hours to increase Student to Faculty interaction
  • Reduce travel expenses, travel time, and carbon footprint
For technical questions regarding WebEx, contact the Technology Helpdesk at 5-1517 or view help articles on the Helpdesk Knowledge Base.