Ball State University and the Office of Institutional Diversity promote teacher scholarship and support creative inquiry, research, and teaching with various institutional resources. The Diversity Associates Program, the Developing Pedagogues to Enhance Excellence Seminar, and the Diversity Seminars are programs that encourage faculty to explore the relevance of diversity in all classes.

The Office of Diversity is pleased to announce the Spring 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Lunch Conversations:

Bring your lunch and join these faculty-led conversations on teaching and learning.   The topics repeat during the week to accommodate varied schedules.  RSVPs are appreciated, but not required.   Respond to 765-285-5316  or

1.       Developing Listening and Discussion Skills in the Diverse Classroom – “Listening for understanding as opposed to rebuttal.”

Are your students good listeners?  How would being a better listener help your students learn more? This session focuses on classroom strategies that will increase students’ listening and learning capacity.  Ways to connect listening skills to learning objectives across the curriculum will also be discussed.  

Tuesday, January 16, 12-1pm

TC 1008

Wednesday, January 17, 12-1pm

TC 1008

2.        Creating the Inclusive Classroom – Core to Capstone

Inclusive classes have the potential to generate greater academic gains for students.  

Classrooms can demonstrate inclusion through the topics covered, the authors shared, and the pedagogies and assessments employed.  This session will address the principles of inclusive pedagogy and direct participants to resources and strategies for greater inclusion.

Tuesday, February 20, 12-1pm

TC 812

WednesdayFebruary 21, 12-1pm

TC 1008

3.     Trigger Warnings, Micro-aggressions, and Safe Spaces – Navigating the Emotionally Charged Classroom

Feeling uncomfortable and being challenged can be an important part of learning. However, discomfort and alienation and can also impede the learning process. This conversation will focus on ways to effectively challenge students, build their resilience, and navigate common classroom climate errors.     

Tuesday, March 20, 12-1pm

TC 1008

Wednesday, March 21, 12-1pm

TC 1008

4.        Faculty Reflection – Safe Spaces for Examining Our Own Professorial Privilege

The vulnerability experienced by many faculty can inhibit our ability to see our privilege as academics.  This session will explore professorial privilege with an emphasis on how it can impact our effectiveness in the classroom.  Self-reflection strategies and cultural bias and humility in academia will also be discussed.

Tuesday, April 17, 12-1pm

TC 1008

Wednesday, April 18, 12-1pm

TC 1008