In September of 2010 Provost Terry King formed a special task force to examine the future state of higher education at Ball State University. Members of the Task Force included: 

Philip Repp, Co- Chair

Paul Gestwicki

Jonathan Huer

Brian Main

Jennifer Palilonis

Lauren Petersen

Susan Tancock, Co-Chair

Michael Goldsby

Martha Hunt

Michael O’Hara

David Pearson

Matthew Wilson

The Provost identified in his charge that higher education in the U.S. and the world is confronting enormous societal, technological, and demographic shifts. These include:
  • The lessening of global barriers for travel and commerce
  • The ubiquity and power of the Internet as a medium for information exchange and social interaction.
  • Substantial changes in the ways people communicate with one another and share and assimilate information.
  • Decreased financial support for public higher education and demands for increased accountability by those who support us.
  • The explosive growth of information in the disciplines.
  • The competition from online, for-profit “universities” and two-year institutions.
  • The boundary between online and on-campus courses is beginning to blur.


Ball State University is a leader in higher education and we must be active in the evolution (revolution?) that is coming in our profession.

We ask that the task force:
  1. Examine and summarize in more detail the recent major changes in the world and what will likely happen in the near future. Explain how will these changes affect undergraduate education.
  2. Enumerate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats specific to Ball State University.
  3. Define how an undergraduate education from Ball State University should be delivered in ten years.
  4. Suggest a path that will lead us toward that 2020 vision. This will serve as input for our next strategic planning process.
(2012–2017 strategic plan).

Read the complete report.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact Susan Tancock at, or Philip Repp at