Ball State | Education of the Future Learning is cultivating a purposeful, meaningful, and intense platform that connects students, faculty, and staff in order to share, gain, and create knowledge. This platform bridges experiences and events spanning time and place through creating humanly accessible and managed interactivity that leads to persistent learning, making, playing, and sharing. Curriculum, events, immersive learning, shared living space, life+work preparation, learning space, and extracurricular activities are explicitly tied together, credited, and constitute the entirety of the learning experience. The “persistent learning experience platform” [PLEP] compels the University to reorganize and rethink the meanings of a course, major, curriculum, classroom, student activities, semesters, and the unbending notions of what comprises a 4-year academic program. Ball State University learning is grounded upon helping students find an expressive voice, embrace the serendipitous nature of learning, discover lifelong connections and convictions, seek new ways to learn, and build a view that learning is a continuous, life-long endeavor. Read the complete report.