IT Administration

Loren Malm, Interim Vice President, CIO

Linda Fisher, Secretary to the Vice President

Fawn Gary, Interim Associate Vice President

Dan Lutz, Associate Vice President

Todd Meister, Assistant Vice President/Chief Enterprise Architect

Joey Narramore, Director of Finance and Budgets

Stuart Sipahigil, Senior Strategist for Enterprise User Engagement

IT Units include:

Dan Lutz, Associate Vice President, oversees:

Fawn Gary, Interim Associate Vice President, oversees:

  • Analytics and Decision Support Technology, Brian Means, Director
  • Developing Technologies, Kyle Parker, Senior Software Engineer
  • Enterprise Data Analytics and Distribution, Missy Adkison, Coordinator
  • Enterprise Project Support Office (EPSO),Mark Watters, Senior Project Manager and System Administrator
  • Enterprise Information Systems Services, Director (vacant)
    • Enterprise Systems and Infrastructures, vacant
    • Enterprise Operations, Todd Phelps, Director of Enterprise Computing Operations
    • Enterprise Integrations and Applications Management, Phil Shaffer, Associate Director of Enterprise Information Systems Services
  • Information Security Services, Tobey Coffman, Director
  • Unified Communications, Vernon Draper, Senior Director