The following are the basic components of the program's structure.

Formal Mentoring Gatherings

In order to facilitate scheduled and structured mentoring interactions between protégés and their mentoring partners, formal mentoring gatherings occurring at least once each month will aid in consistency across mentoring groups. Formal mentoring gatherings will include social and group dynamic activities as well as facilitated discussions related to students’ academic, professional and social development.

Informal Mentoring Communication

In addition to the scheduled gatherings coordinated by the program, unstructured mentoring meetings will provide more informal interactions between protégés and mentors. Mentoring partners and protégés will collaboratively decide on the frequency and medium for communicating beyond the minimum requirement for informal mentoring interactions. This communication can come in the form of email correspondence, phone calls, informal meetings over lunch or other non-academic activities. These decisions will be documented in the mentorship agreement signed by both parties at the beginning of the program. Weekly communication between protégés and mentoring partners is strongly encouraged.

University-sponsored Programming

Because of the large number of offices at the university with existing programs offering training, sessions and workshops related to students’ academic and professional development, protégés will participate in some of these events as part of the structure of the program. While protégés will not be required to attend all events offered by the university, at the start of the semester protégés will commit to attending at least three events after learning about the various options.

Program Events

To maintain and evaluate the mentoring program, scheduled events including an initial welcome reception, faculty experiences panel and end-of-the-year reception event will occur to facilitate regular communication among the larger cohort of protégés and mentoring partners.

Collaborative Events

One of the long-term objectives of the program is to create and develop fruitful relationships between current protégés in the program and prospective students in high school in order to establish peer-mentoring opportunities. In order to do this, the mentoring program will present the option for protégés to participate in assisting with the two major events held at the university that target minority high school students. Additionally, mentoring program staff will collaborate with the coordinators of these annual events to bring awareness about the program in order to target future program protégés. 

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