The following individuals from the College of Sciences and Humanities are active program mentors.

Dr. Yaron Ayalon

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Research: Dr. Ayalon is a historian of the Middle East, specifically of the Ottoman Empire. He is also a world historian with particular interest in early modern European history. His first book "Natural Disasters in the Ottoman Empire: Plague, Famine, and Other Misfortunes" will be published this winter.

More About Dr. Ayalon: Dr. Ayalon runs two student-focused websites. One is an online writing guide for students. The other is dedicated to helping students succeed in college and prepare for their career. Through Ph.D. Pathways, Dr. Ayalon hopes to reach out to more people and support as many students as possible.

Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani

Associate Professor of Community Health, Department of Nutrition and Health Science

Research Interests: Dr. Khubchandani research interests are in social epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, global health, and scientific writing.

Education: PhD - Health Education and Epidemiology, University of Toledo, 2010
MPH - Public Health Education, Western Kentucky University, 2007
MBBS - Doctorate in Medicine, DAVV University, India, 2003

Dr. JoAnn Kleinfelder

Associate Professor of Health Science, Department of Nutrition and Health Science

Research: Dr. Kleinfelder is currently doing research on E-Cigarette Perception & Uses in College Students. She has research interest in health disparities, tobacco cessation, mental health issues, and violence reduction.

Hobbies: Her hobbies include showing horses, figure skating, reading, and listening to music.

Other: Dr. Kleinfelder hopes to bring creativity to students in the Ph.D. Pathways Program and help them progress towards their goals.

Dr. Christopher Luke

Associate Professor of Foreign Language Education, Department of Modern Languages and Classics

Education: PhD - Foreign Language Education, University of Texas at Austin
M.S.L.T. - Second Language Teaching, Utah State University
B.A. - Spanish Education, Utah State University

Research: Dr. Luke has research interests in World Language Education (WLE); Preparation and Training of Pre-Service World Language Teachers; Spanish Language Instruction; Technology and World Language Education.

Hobbies: When he's not teaching, Dr. Luke may be found rock climbing, writing children's literature, or reading the newest fantasy books.

More About Dr. Luke: Through the Ph.D. Pathways Program, Dr. Luke hopes to help young scholars prepare themselves for a successful and meaningful entrance into academia.

Dr. Erica Payton

Assistant Professor of Health Science, Department of Nutrition and Health Science

Dr. Jean Marie S. Place

Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology & Health Science

Research Interests: Dr. Place contributes to research in women's health and maternal mental health.

Hobbies: In her spare time, Dr. Place likes gardening, reading, and writing. You may find her planning a trip to her favorite vacation spot, Mexico.

More About Dr. Place: Dr. Place had an incredible mentor who really helped her through college and hopes to do the same through the Ph.D. Pathways program.

Dr. Jonel Thaller

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work

Education: Dr, Thaller has her Ph.D. in Social Work and a Master's in English Literature.

Research: Her current research interests include intimate partner violence and qualitative research methods.

Dr. Kiesha Warren-Gordon

Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice/Criminology

Education: Dr. Warren-Gordon graduated with her Ph.D. from Western Michigan University.

Research: She has research interests in hate crimes from a global perspective