The referral, application and mentor/protégé matching process is a vital part of the PhD pathways program.  The following describes the components of this process.

1a. Faculty Referrals

Faculty informally recommend students for potential involvement in the program.

1b. Program Coordinator Referrals

In addition to faculty who identify students, the program coordinators identify students through a list of students who meet program criteria based on their status as enrolled in the college, grade point average, classification as belonging to an underrepresented ethnic or racial minority population and admission exam scores (e.g., ACT, SAT, GRE).

1c. Self Referrals

Individuals may self-refer to the program by simply filling out and submitting an application.

2. Protégé -Mentor Applications

After referrals, students and mentors complete an application and answer questions about their mentor/protégé preferences, academic and professional interests and demographic information. Though demographic and preference information is collected, protégés and mentoring partners are not guaranteed a match based on preferences due to number of individuals represented in the program.

3. Matching

Based on the feedback from students’ applications and information based on faculty’s interest in participating as a mentor (e.g., student preference), mentors and protégés are matched in pairs. Some mentoring partners may have multiple protégés.

4. Notification of Mentoring Match

After mentors and protégés are matched based on preference and academic and professional interest criteria, both parties receive a notification of their match via email and an invitation to the program’s Welcome Reception in which the two will officially meet (if they have not already met). Mentoring partners are encouraged to contact their protégé prior to the Welcome Reception.

5. Pre-Program Assessment

After protégés and their mentoring partners are matched and both have agreed to participate in the program, both parties will complete an online pre-program assessment.

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