The purpose of the Marshall Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to outstanding students who are committed to identifying and taking the next strategic steps to address issues of diversity in their communities, on their campuses, and in society at large. Scholarship awards may not be made to the same person in consecutive years, rather every two years.

Marshall Memorial Scholarship recipients possess a commitment to promoting social justice and a society free from prejudice and discrimination. These outstanding students also advocate social justice with regard to race, ethnicity, economic status, national origin, disability, gender, sexual identity, age, and religious viewpoints.


Ms. Sandy Marshall, shared that her motivation for starting the scholarship rested in her father's lifelong commitment to equity and inclusion.  This commitment allowed her to become an adult who felt she could move freely throughout her community without fear or prejudice.  This has become a major theme of her life and she wanted to create a memorial not only to her father but also to encourage and support more young people to dedicate a part of their lives to these ideals.


Application Deadline: April 1, 2020
Merrell Thomas Marshall Memorial Scholarship Application


2019 Scholarship Recipients will listed soon.

2018 Scholarship Recipients are listed below: 

Zhang   Bin Zhang, PhD Student of Educational Studies. His research interest is to promote equal and equitable educational opportunities for marginalized students in K-12 and higher education. Bin enjoys experiencing and exploring new cultures.


  Amy Yannone is a sophomore, majoring in Elementary Education with minors in Women's and Gender Studies and Psychology and Counseling. Her goal for the future is to  create a classroom where students feel safe, happy, and accepted.

Heather Lugar  Heather Lugar is a senior majoring in Elementary Education and a minor in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Heather believes in having classrooms which promote inclusion and diversity.

Hope Lugar

  Hope Lugar is a senior majoring in Elementary and Special Education. Hope believes that every single person can make a positive contribution to our world when we notice the beauty of everyone`s talents.


  Taylor Williams is a senior majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Taylor will be interning with Hope for Women Magazine as a Communications Intern this fall.