The Gender Equity Task Force is committed to ensuring all Ball State University faculty are provided a High Quality Work-Life Environment. This goal helps to achieve our vision of becoming the most student-centered and community-engaged of the 21st Century public research universities, which transforms entrepreneurial learners into impactful leaders committed to improving quality of life.   The Gender Equity Task Force sub-committees work to create an environment where faculty feel supported, encouraged and valued. 

  The Task Force is divided into four work groups or sub-committees, made up of faculty members throughout Ball State University. The work groups for the Task Force committee are as follows: Gender Pay Gap/Years to Promotion for Female Faculty, Faculty & Staff Support, and Child-care sub-committees. 



Committee Membership

Co-Chairs and Representatives

Co-Chairs and Representatives

  •      Melinda Messineo, Office of Institutional Diversity, Co-Chair
  •      C. Blakey, Biology, Co-Chair

  •      Jackie Buckrop, Provost's Office

  •      Susan Johnson, Associate Dean, College of Sciences and Humanities

Gender Pay Gap/Years to Promotion for Female Faculty Sub-Committee
  •      Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, Educational Studies
  •      Judith Gray, Social Work 

  •      Pam Harwood, College of Architecture

  •      Amy Kaplan, School of Music 

  •      Katie M. Lawson, Psychological Science

  •      Katrin Meidell, School of Music

  •      Mary Moore, Communication Studies

  •      Kirsten Nicholson, Geological Sciences

  •      Janay Sander, Educational Psychology

  •      Kirsten Smith, Center for Information and Communication Sciences
  •      Jill Walls, Family, Consumer and Technology Education

Faculty & Staff Support Sub-Committee

  •      Kristen McCauliff, Communication Studies / Chair
  •      Jane Ellery, School of Kinesiology 
  •      Jennifer Erickson, Anthropology

  •      Najma Javed, Physiology & Health Science

  •      Lara Kuykendall, School of Art

  •      Kevin Kenyon, Business Affairs

  •      Tayla Lee, Psychological Science

  •      Serena Salloum, Educational Leadership

  •      Maria Sciuchetti, Special Education

  •      Stephanie Simon-Dack, Graduate School

Child Care Sub-Committee
  •      Courtney Jarrett, Disability Services / Chair
  •      Katherine Denker, Communications Studies 

  •     Jennifer Erickson, Anthropology

  •      Karen Kessler, Theater and Dance 

  •      Kristen McCauliff, Communication Studies

  •      Ellen Thorington, Modern Languages & Classics

  •      Glenn Stone, Social Work