Below are sites for posting vacancies on diverse organization websites.

For additional information regarding searches, learn more about Inclusive Hiring here

Human Resources has some funds available to pay for placing ads. Search Committees should contact HR for available options.

Additional Employment Posting Resources can be found in this document.

Price points for ads can be found here - note the ad prices were correct as of posting and are subject to change

Academic Careers

Academic Diversity Search

Academic Keys

American Association for Affirmative Action

American Association of University Professors

American College Personnel Association

American Educational Research Association

College and University Professional Association

Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Diversity Link

Diversity Search

Equal Opportunity Employment Journal

Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc.

Higher Education Jobs

IM Diversity

INSIGHT Into Diversity

National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education

National Employment Minority Network

The Chronicle of Higher Education