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This Week in Diversity Now…

The First Day of Ramadan is May 5. Learn more here.

Please join us for a memorial vigil on Monday, April 29th at 5pm in the Alumni Lounge (on the second floor of Pittenger Student Center across from the Ballroom) to honor and mourn those lost and injured in the Sri Lanka bombings on Easter Sunday and also those lost and injured in San Diego this weekend, as well.  We know this is an especially busy time of year.  We hope you will take a moment to join in as we reaffirm the values of beneficence and continue to work each day to create an inclusive community. The vigil is being held in partnership with Navigators Christian Ministry and Christian Student Foundation.

Ball State University is pleased to welcome Dr. Marsha McGriff who will serve as associate vice president for Inclusive Excellence starting May 1, 2019.

Marsha McGriff

Marsha has served as director for the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program in the Indiana University Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs since 2012. Hudson & Holland is the largest scholarship and support program at IU, serving nearly 2,000 high-achieving diverse students. Previously, Marsha filled other student service responsibilities at IU, where she worked for 19 years. We are excited to welcome Marsha to campus!

…& looking back, April 29, 1992.

Riots erupt in Los Angeles after police officers are acquitted in the Rodney King trial. Read more about this case here.

Ball State University African American Alumni Oral History led by Michael Doyle, Associate Professor and Director, Public History Program and the Oral History Workshop. Listen to the Oral History of Monique Armstrong Ball State University Class of 2007 with a Masters degree.

Expand your horizons…

Celebrated as Cinco de Mayo, a minor holiday in remembrance of the Battle of Pueblam in 1862. Visit this link to learn more.


Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)  will begin the evening of Wednesday, May 1st and ends the evening of Thursday, May 2nd. Read more about this day of remembrance here.

Live-Beneficence…I see the Beneficence in you

Beneficence challenge: Explore the following link for 60 ways to show others you care in order to help spark beneficence in others!Share examples of the Beneficence you see in others – email your nominations to OID@bsu.edu Please include your name, the person's name and the way in which they embodied the Beneficence Pledge.

Keeping Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a forethought…not an afterthought

Explore this page for five ways to promote equity and diversity in the classroom.

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

It’s crunch time! The end of the semester is rapidly approaching and it can be one of the busiest times of the year. Explore the following resource on how to recognize and adjust to the the rhythems of the term.

Can’t view the resource?  Membership is free. Register using this link https://www.facultydiversity.org/join

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