DEADLINE: 5:00 pm, MARCH 4, 2022

Teamwork and Collaboration are essential components of a successful immersive learning project. Each academic year, the Immersive Learning Student Advisory Board (ILSAB) recognizes a student team that went above and beyond the requirements of their immersive learning class to produce uncommon results for their partner and our local community.

The ILSAB accepts fall and spring nominations for this award. Teams will be judged on how they met student learning objectives for the course, created a collaborative environment, used creative problem-solving techniques, overcame obstacles, and applied previous knowledge to produce a positive or significant impact on the community.  

To be eligible, immersive learning teams must be:

  • Enrolled in a current immersive learning course
  • A group of three or more undergraduate students
  • Working with a community partner to solve a community challenge
  • Creating a final product, service or other deliverable for a community partner or partners
  • Outstanding as to their level of enthusiasm, effort and impact  
  • Self-nominated or recommended by a faculty member, academic department or community partner.

In order to be considered, nominations must be submitted online. Winning teams will be honored on at the Spring Immersive Learning Showcase. Members of the team will receive a certificate and a traveling trophy kept in the instructor’s home department.

  • Please provide a description of the project.
  • What was the deliverable
    Who was your community partner
    Interdisciplinary or single college only?
  • What were the learning objectives of the project and how did the team meet or exceed them?
  • How did students create a constructive and collaborative environment while working on the project?
    How did you meet for class?
    Types of communication?
    Team building exercises?
    Be specific
    (Optional) Provide supporting documents if needed.
  • How did students apply high-impact skill sets to their field of study (things like problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking). Provide supporting documents if needed.
  • How did students apply previous knowledge or skills to demonstrate comprehension and performance in novel situations? If interdisciplinary how did each discipline contribute? Provide supporting documents if needed.
  • What makes this student team so outstanding?
    In communication, quality of work, etc.?
    Be specific.
    Brag about your team.
  • Describe your relationship with the community partner.
  • How does your deliverable (or your project) help your community partner? Provide an example of the deliverable. Upload a document
  • Did your team face any unforeseen obstacles during the project? If so, how did you approach them?
  • Provide a group statement from your student team about their experience with the project.