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FALL 2023

Immersive Projects funded through Provost Immersive Learning Grants and Building Better Neighborhood Grants

  • Content Partnerships in Elementary Education
    Faculty Mentors: Andrew Gatza, Jonathon Watkins, Jerry Woodward, Jenna Menke, Bima Sapkota (Department of Mathematical Sciences) & Amy Leitze (Department of Elementary Education)
    Community Partners: West View Elementary, Burris Laboratory School

  • iMADE Projects in Muncie, IN: Locally Crafted Design-through-Production Projects with University, Industry, and Community Partnerships
    Faculty Mentor:  Kevin Klinger (Department of Architecture)
    Community Partners:  MadJax, Midwest Metals, Indiana Hardwood and Lumberman's Association, Ecovantage, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources

  • Interdisciplinary Teaching through Immersive Learning:  US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenge
    Faculty Mentors:  Tom Collins, Dan Overbey, and Pam Harwood (Department of Architecture)
    Community Partners:  US Department of Energy, ecoREHAB of Muncie

  • Interior Design Studio 5 Immersive Learning Course
    Faculty Mentor:  Shireen Kanakri (Department of Construction Management and Interior Design)

  • Narrating the 8twelve
    Faculty Mentor: Kate Elliott (School of Journalism and Strategic Communication)
    Community Partner: 8twelve Coalition

  • Radiance Cinema
    Faculty Mentors: Ben Strack (Department of Media) & Mark Cabus (Department of Theatre and Dance)
    Community Partner: Heartland Film

  • Spotlight Recovery: Harnessing the Power of Oral Storytelling and Therapeutic Drama in Community Settings
    Faculty Mentors: Tracena Marie (Department of Theatre and Dance) & Jonel Thaller (Department of Social Work)
    Community Partners: Delaware County Community Corrections, IU Behavioral Health, Youth Opportunity Center

  • Tailoring police training to a university setting using the MILO training simulator
    Faculty Mentor: Indigo Koslicki (Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology)
    Community Partners: BSU Police Department, Ivy Tech Criminal Justice Department

  • Union City Regional Trail Design
    Faculty Mentors: Laurynn Theime, Christopher Baas (Department of Landscape Architecture)
    Community Partner: Union City

  • Urban Design Solutions for E. Washington Street Corridor and Downtown Gateway
    Faculty Mentor: Ann Hildner (Department of Landscape Architecture)
    Community Partner: 1820 Ventures

  • Using Nature to Redesign Places of Worship in Muncie, IN
    Faculty Mentors:  Sarah Angne Alfaro and Sherif Attallah (Department of Construction Management and Interior Design)

  • Write for Change:  Composition in the Community 
    Faculty Mentors:  Darolyn "Lyn" Jones, Kathryn Ludwig, Laura Romano (Department of English)
    Community Partners:  Beyond I Can, Muncie Mission and Recovery Cafe of Muncie




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