Upcoming Projects

What follows is a list of upcoming immersive learning projects. You can learn more about these offerings by contacting the instructor listed for each class. If you do not see a project that is right for you, please fill out our Immersive Learning Course Finder Form.

Summer & Fall 2022

CRN: 33148 (1 credit hour) CS Community & School Outreach (Fall 2022)

CRN: 33149 (2 credit hours) CS Community & School Outreach (Fall 2022)

CRN: 33151 (3 credit hours) CS Community & School Outreach (Fall 2022)

Faculty: Dave Largent, Associate Lecturer of Computer Science

Partnering with local schools, the project team will research, develop, curate, and deliver instructional resources which incorporate Computer Science (CS) into educational offerings, with a focus on the Indiana CS academic standards, and will work to advance teachers’ understanding of CS and/or interact with their students as a teaching assistant. Although CS student focused, an interdisciplinary project team will be sought, with another project focus being to expose underrepresented minorities and females to CS. 

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CRN: 30088 Digital Literature Review (Fall 2022)

Digital Literature Review

Faculty: Molly Ferguson, Associate Professor of English

The Digital Literature Review is an academic journal edited, produced, and published by undergraduate students partnered with the English Department at Ball State University. Our goal is to showcase the valuable contributions of hardworking, creative students from all over the world. The Digital Literature Review website is also home to the DLR Blog. Each semester the students of the Digital Literature Review contribute blog posts related to the topic of the journal, ranging from film analyses, interviews, creative writing, and more.

CRN: 39251 SUST 400 (Summer 2022)

CRN 39252  ARCH 498 (Summer 2022)

Faculty: Sarah Keogh, Assistant Teaching Professor of Architecture

With Muncie’s Office of Community Development, 24 undergraduate students in ECAP will design a “shovel ready” Tiny House Village capable of housing up to 70 homeless persons. Deliverables will include prototype designs and schematic construction documents for 2-4 Tiny Houses, a Community Building with spaces for health/educational services and a live-in apartment for the Manager, and a campus site plan. Students and PIs will disseminate project results at a local presentation and at professional conferences.

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CRN: 33834 THEA 434 Spotlight Recovery: Harnessing the Power of Oral Storytelling and Therapeutic Drama in a Community Setting (Fall 2022)

Faculty: Tracena Marie, Instructor of Theatre

               Jonel Thaller, Associate Professor of Social Work

In this course, a diverse and interdisciplinary group of students will engage in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a therapeutic arts-based program based on Playback Theatre, designed with and for shelter residents at the Muncie YWCA. Students will gain an understanding of common theories and techniques that undergird art-based therapies, as well as factors associated with chronic or temporary homelessness, while having the opportunity to practice therapeutic skills, such as active listening and empathy.

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CRN: 26351 Philosophy 400 (Fall 2022)

Stance (3 credit hours)

Faculty:  Dave Concepcion, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Stance is an international academic journal edited and produced by
undergraduate students. Stance students learn how to evaluate
content, edit, and produce print and electronic versions of the journal
as part of an interdisciplinary team. Stance students increase their
multi-cultural fluency, oral and written communication skills,
professionalism, and problem solving abilities. In addition to
publishing a volume of the journal, students present at the
international American Philosophical Association meeting. Additional
details at

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iMADE Projects in Muncie, IN: Locally Crafted Design-through-
Production Projects with University, Industry, and Community

Faculty: Kevin Klinger, Associate Professor of Architecture

iMADE projects are a direct application of a regionally specific
“design-through-production” process deploying digital design and
fabrication techniques, enabling students, in concert with established
industry partners in the region, to prototype and assemble
customized full-scale design solutions for a community partnerships.
Working with donations of time, equipment, and materials from
industry partners (Midwest Metals, Ecovantage, the Indiana DNR, and
more), students innovate and realize built work for established
community partners (Minnetrista, MadJax).

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Spring 2022

  • ARTS! Muncie After School
    Faculty Mentors:  Melanie Swihart and Andrew Waldron, Department of Theatre and Dance
    Community Partner:  Muncie Community Schools 

  • A Community Intervention: Interprofessional experiences addressing healthy eating, and physical activity
    Faculty Mentors:  Shannon Powers and Jean-Charles Lebeau, School of Kinesiology; Christina Jones, Department of Nutrition and Health Science  
    Community Partners:  Harvest Christian Church, Muncie Housing Authority 

  • Computer Science for Muncie (and surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)
    Faculty Mentor:  Dave Largent, Department of Computer Science
    Community Partners:  Burris Laboratory School, Muncie Central High School, Northside Middle School 

  • Conservation Tales
    Faculty Mentors:  Barbara Giorgio-Booher, School of Art; Tom McConnell, Department of Biology
    Community Partners:  Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN; Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology, Kakamega, Kenya; Cheetah Conservation Fund in New York City and  Namibia; Ara Project, Costa Rica; Sloth Conservation Foundations, Costa Rica; Purdue Fort  Wayne, Allen Co, IN 

  • Construction in the Community
    Faculty Mentor:  Jennifer Warrner, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design
    Community Partners: Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity, 8twelve Coalition of Muncie 

  • Digitizing Muncie: One Tech Startup at a Time
    Faculty Mentor:  Huseyin Ergin, Department of Computer Science
    Community Partner:  Innovation Connector 

  • Engaging the Community with Photography
    Faculty Mentor:  Gabriel Tait, Department of Journalism
    Community Partner:  Ross Community Center 

  • First Impressions for Second Harvest:  Landscape Masterplan Immersive Learning Class
    Faculty Mentor:  Jeremy Merrill, Department of Landscape Architecture
    Community Partner:  Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana 

  • Improving Native Habitat for Monarchs and Other Pollinators
    Faculty Mentor:  Susan Tomizawa, Department of Landscape Architecture
    Community Partner:  Muncie Public Libraries, Maring Hunt Library 

  • Interior Design Studio 5: Immersive Learning Course
    Faculty Mentor:  Shireen Kanakri, Department of Construction Management, and Interior Design
    Community Partners:  Engaging Minds Services Clinic, Hillcroft ABA Clinic 

  • Interior Materials and Applications:  A Hands-On Project with First Presbyterian Church
    Faculty Mentors:  Sarah Angne Alfaro and Jake Son, Department of Construction Management, and Interior Design
    Community Partner:  First Presbyterian Church 

  • Making Community-Engaged Games
    Faculty Mentor:  Paul Gestwicki, Department of Computer Science
    Community Partner:  Minnetrista Cultural Center 

  • Muncie Community Energy Assessment with ecoREHAB
    Faculty Mentors:  Jake Son and Sherif Attallah, Department of Construction Management, and Interior Design
    Community Partner:  ecoREHAB 

  • Muncie Neighborhoods Promotional Marketing Design
    Faculty Mentor:  Shantanu Suman, School of Art
    Community Partners:  Building Better Neighborhoods, Muncie Action Plan 

  • Philosophy Outreach Project (POP)
    Faculty Mentor:  Sarah Vitale, Department of Philosophy
    Community Partners:  Muncie Central High School 

  • Population Geographers Introduce Spatial Software to Local High School Studies
    Faculty Mentors:  Reuben Allen and William Price, Department of Geography
    Community Partner:  Muncie Central High School 

  • Religion and American Identity:  Literary Explorations
    Faculty Mentor:  Kathryn Ludwig, Department of English
    Community Partner:  Maring Hunt Library 

  • Role-Playing Game Adventure Design
    Faculty Mentor:  Robin Scott Rice-Snow
    Community Partner:  Wizard’s Keep 

  • Smart City Muncie:  Identifying the best alternative purpose and strategy for the solar installation at the former Chevrolet brownfield site
    Faculty Mentor:  Sanglim Yoo, Department of Urban Planning
    Community Partner:  Office of the Mayor, City of Muncie 

  • Stance
    Faculty Mentor:  David Concepcion, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
    Community Partners:  EBSCO Information Services, The Philosopher’s Index, The American Philosophical Association, University of Louisville, Undergrad Philosophy Students from around the world 

  • Sustainability Stories:  Media and Mapping to Promote Awareness of Sustainable Activities
    Faculty Mentors:  Adam Berland, Department of Geography; Adam Kuban, Department of Journalism
    Community Partners:  Muncie Action Plan, IUPUI Office of Sustainability 

  • Transforming the microbiology curriculum through development of an undergraduate course-based research experience
    Faculty Mentor:  John McKillip, Department of Biology
    Community Partner: Small World Initiative 

  • Understanding and Repurposing Vacant Land in Muncie
    Faculty Mentor:  John West, Department of Urban Planning
    Community Partner:  Muncie Land Bank 

  • U. S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenge
    Faculty Mentors:  Pam Harwood, Tom Collins, Dan Overby; Department of Architecture
    Community Partner:  Englewood Community Development Corporation 

  • Writing for Change
    Faculty Mentors: Kathryn Ludwig, Laura Romano, and Darolyn “Lyn” Jones, Department of English
    Community Partners: YWCA, Muncie Mission and Beyond I Can  

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